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Is this a Hobby?

Updated: May 24, 2020

I am very grateful for asking me this question, a question that I have never even thought about it. Am I doing paintings as a hobby?

This question leads me into another questions, How and why did I start painting?

Painting came into my life in a very natural way, it is just like …….what I want to have for dinner tonight. It is like knowing I need to do something yet I do not know what I want to do... I need to buy some food for dinner but I do not know what to cook for dinner.

It was a very natural feeling of hunger to do something to keep myself occupied when I had a knee surgery over ten years ago, because I had to stay indoors most of the time. Eventually, the process of paintings enlightened my inner soul of hunger to search for a self-recognition and self-awareness. The finished products became a reflection of my inner soul on how I vision the world in a very beautiful way and how we want to see our life the way we wanted it to be. It became an encouragement to my true self.

When peoples said I have this talent that I don’t even realize, then painting was never called a hobby but perhaps a “mission” instead. I belief a talent was given to me for a good reason and if I was borne with it then all I have to do is to follow its own pace and eventually it will unfold on its own since a talent was never an intentional desire of having it in the first place.

What I need to know, is to trust myself that whatever I am doing must include the elements of having a good intention and with a good heart for others. With ample trust and belief, painting can then be done with a heart and with good energies to be shown on each created piece. In this way, talent will not be lost for having a good reason to continue.

Happy sharing.

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