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A Target to Focus "A Laissez-Faire Painting Journey" with an "ouch" and "aha"

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

A friend reminds me to have a target in life. I truly appreciate it but when I think where my paintings are actually leading me, do I actually have a target, I went blank, ouch.... Then I remembered my other wise friend taught me a very important word "aha" and for some reasons it makes me feel a little better. (I realized both ouch and aha, comes in handy and very useful)

I suppose many artists wish their work to "be noticed" not even to say "appreciated" or even so, "recognized". Some wish to have a gallery, exhibitions, or perhaps sell their work at a good price, etc and become famous in order to enjoy the fame of an artist. Woah,,, that sounds like an artist dream... I wish to get there too. The word "target" dragged my thoughts to this phrase that I heard long ago: "If a goal does not have a plan then it is only a dream." Ouch... that will means hard work, a plan and a journey to get there. Hard works requires load of energies and determinations but I don't want paintings relate to hard work, neither did I make plans for my painting journey. I felt delima ouchhhh.

Then the word "Aha" pops up, my mind starts to energize with an idea that the journey could be interesting, if not, find ways to make it interesting, so the hard work will not stand out to feel so hard and the plan becomes very laissez faire. This thinking brought me to the word "laissez-faire".

I love the word "laissez-faire" and can comprehend the meaning of it, but to me it sounds more like a "lazy fellow" no hard work. Sometimes, my paintings could be quite "laissez-faire"... because I enjoy seeing the painting to unfold on its own. If a laissez-faire painting is what it is, then I will be having a laissez-faire painting journey and this attitude may somehow make a journey interesting and let it unfold on it's own with a laissez faire attitude.

With an ouch and aha... these two powerful words brought me the glimpse of thought.

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