Acrylic Painting : canvas on wooden frame  Size : 19.5" x 19.5"

The concept of Sunfield came from my recalled visit to a terrace field in Asia quite some years ago.   I found it’s amazing to see the wisdom of mankind.  Not only terrace farming can make use of the slope for farming but also to protect the valley from mudslides. 


Layers and layers of fields bring incredible concept of patterns and it is this pattern that I wish to have them described in my own way “Sunfield” a large area in a shape to express good sun within a terrace field.   


Acrylic Painting: canvas board

size : 16" x 20"

Cohesion Pattern

Acrylic painting : canvas board size :

24"x 20"

Cohesion was created in the formation of a pattern-like-format.  The word pattern linked to my thoughts of habits.  Habits are formed without our conscious awareness.  Cohesion Pattern created in this painting was an expression of group habits being formed in a city due to interaction between each others with our realization.

Wall and Tree

Acrylic painting ; canvas board size: 16"x12"

In a concrete area, I saw a strong sturdy tree pushing through the hard rocks in order to grow.

It inspired me that no matter how hard a situation may seems to be, life is powerful if only we believe it to be, it will.

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