Awards Painting Primary Colour

Title :  We're meant to be with each other

Light, Space and Time Online Art Gallery runs a different theme for each month and I am very honor to receive their Special Recognition Awards for their 2019 Primary Colour Competition. 

It is an international online art competition held in June 2019, which determined the art for this exhibition. 


The gallery received submission from 24 different countries and also received entries from 35 different states.  Overall, 741 entries were judged for this art competition.


The Gallery presented the top 10 artists with awards for each media category.  In addition, special merit and special recognition category awards were provided.  


This art exhibition will be marketed and promoted extensively through the gallery’s extensive social media networks, including a YouTube Exhibition Video on the gallery’s YouTube Channel.

​To proceed to the gallery’s “Primary Colors” online art exhibition follow this link:



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